A new manga cafe in Tokyo caters to those who not only read manga, but those who want to make manga as well.

Manga cafes are all over Japan. Usually open 24 hours, you can pay by the hour, or stay overnight, with the rates usually around a few hundred yen per hour. Not only can you read just about any manga that has ever been published, there are also weekly magazines, private rooms with internet, showers, food menus and unlimited soft drinks and coffee. Many go there just to relax and do a whole lot of nothing. However, a new manga cafe in Koenji caters to manga lovers in the literal sense.

"Manga Kūkan", translated into Manga Atmosphere, is just that. There are no free drinks or showers, and no need to entice people with free internet. What you get here for 600 yen an hour, is one free drink and free art supplies. Both young and old animators come here to be surrounded by others with the same aspirations. The digital animation stations cost 100 yen more. The owner, a professional manga animator himself, is always happy to give advice and feedback to the artists. Established animators who live in the neighborhood drop in every so often as well, which makes it the place to be if you're serious about making it a career. Skill level doesn't matter. You gust gotta love what you do.

Manga Kūkan is open from 11AM to 11PM.