The results are in. We have a winner! The first ever Best High School Uniforms contest in Taiwan, and perhaps in all of Asia, has been decided by more than 400,000 online voters based on entries submitted by more than 500 high schools.

Both public and private schools were included in the contest jointly sponsored by UniformMap, an interactive map site that is searchable by school uniforms, and Koobii magazine. The champion, Yung Ping Vocation High School, won for its clean and bright design. Everyone praised the simple white top paired with the pleated skirt in happy blue. Here is the Top 10 list ranked by popularity:

1. Yung Ping Vocational High School - 102,811 votes

2. Chih Ping Senior High School - 80,904 votes

3. Chi-Ying Senior High School - 53,918 votes

4. National Tainan Jia-Chi Girls Senior High School - 10,044 votes.

5. Kao-Yuan Vocational High School of Technology & Commerce - 5,035 votes

6. The Affiliated Jhongli Senior High School of National Central University - 4,150 votes

7. National Hsin Chu Senior Industrial Vocational School - 3,430 votes

8. National Wen-Hua Senior High School - 3,323 votes”">Watch four rookie detectives fight crime under a hot-blooded, off-the-wall chief detective in You Are All Surrounded.

9. Zhubei High School - 3,046 votes

10. National Keelung Girls Senior High School - 2,925 votes

These uniforms are so cute that I wish I were in high school again. No wonder many of these school girls say they are very proud of their uniforms and would rather wear the uniforms instead of casual clothes.