Jonathan Mann — the songwriter best known for singing to Shigeru Miyamoto in a Mario costume and writing 1500 song-a-day tracks — recently premiered the first act of his Super Mario Opera at Joe’s Pub in NoHo, New York.

For the show, Mann assembled over a dozen cast members and a full rock band (all dressed as characters from the game, of course).

Mann explains the premise of the opera:

"He just thinks he’s this guy from Brooklyn and, like, why is he here? What is he doing here? Its all so strange. He only sort of sets it up before. Who’s this beautiful woman who wants to marry me? What am I doing here? Now that he’s on this journey he’s not sure he’s up for it. And Toad kind of convinces him that he is up to it. He settles into his role. Even though it creeps him out at first, he starts enjoying the act of killing Goombas and Koopas."

According to Mann, it took roughly three weeks to compose the opera. It contains many of the motifs and melodies originally composed by Koji Kondo in the '80s. You might recognize some of them — just listen to one of the songs from Act I, "The Lizard Wizard" here, which incorporates the Super Mario World "Underground Theme." It's actually a pretty great song!

If you aren't already convinced that the show is weird and special, maybe watching the trailer will help: