If your weekend plans entail curling up on the couch and getting intimate with Ji Chang Wook, the eight royal princes (a special shout out to Lee Joon Ki) and the boys from Jealousy Incarnate then all we have to say to you is....BEST WEEKEND PLAN EVER! And to make this plan even more epic, we rounded up 10 of the coolest buys that can elevate your drama watching experience to new heights. We are talking indulgences that are all about stimulating your visual senses while your emotional ones go through the rollercoaster we all lovingly know as Korean dramas! Ready? Let's go!

You Absolutely Need: Retro Style Popcorn Popper

No movie night is complete without popcorn, even a pre-schooler that! But instead of the kind that pops in a microwave (and half the bag burns up EWWW) we recommend getting your own popcorn popper, movie theatre style. Don't be surprised if your house becomes the most popular destination for friends to catch up on dramas!

You Absolutely Need: EPIC Chiller Can Cooler 

You're totally into episode 16 of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. IU and Lee Joon Ki reunite after years of separation and finally give in to their carnal needs which in k-drama land implies lots of hand-holding, delicate kisses and emotionally-stirring dialogues. What's your reaction? Hundred percent consumed into what's happening on screen. You then reach for your Coke can, only to find a luke warn fizzled out drink instead. Total bummer! This awesome can cooler not only protects your beverage but also lets you enjoy your drama stress free! Thinking about getting a dozen aren't you?

You Absolutely Need: Mermaid Tail Blanket 

Blankets are great, but imagine one that is in the shape of a mermaid tail. Whoever made this was an utter genius right? The tail shape covers your legs completely, ensuring your'e all cozy and warm as you watch Ji Chang Wook take his shirt off. We also love the little fin that adds the right dose of real-life drama to your reel-life drama watching experience. 

You Absolutely Need: Ramen Bowl Sets

Eating ramen directly from the packet is so 2015. Do it like the cool kids do, and get these adorable matching bowls that make you feel so sophisticated as you slurp your way through the ramen. Perfect for when you have your bestie over for drama-watching night or when you can't pick between two flavors and want both at the same time. 

You Absolutely Need: Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch 

All those k-drama kissing scenes have one thing in common. The actress always has the softest, pinkest lips am I right? While your eyes are doing all the work of watching the drama, give your lips a treat with this hardworking lip patch. It instantly softens your lips, brings color back where it deserves to be, and takes away all those flakes, making that pout kiss ready!

You Absolutely Need: Facial Massager 

Do we need to even explain this one? While you're emotions are in overdrive over the bizarre love triangle going on in Jealousy Incarnate, calm those wrought nerves with a little TLC. This cute massager helps your relax those tense muscles while watching your fave dramas! Can life get any better then this?

You Absolutely Need: Annie Chun's Roasted Seaweed Snacks

Feed that tummy while the dramas feed that soul. Instead of picking cliched snacks like chips and dips, opt for the quintessential Korean staple, flavored seaweed! Spicy, crunchy and perfect for when you get those drama-induced munchies!

You Absolutely Need: Movie Projector 

Good tv is best enjoyed....on well a good tv. A one-time investment, this move projector will give you a lifetime of awesome drama-watching experiences. Imagine if Ji Chang Wook's chocolate abs look amazing on your laptop screen, how tgreat they will look on a wide screen projector?

You Absolutely Need: Boyfriend Pillow

No boy? No cry! Get this adorable boyfriend pillow to fill those lonesome drama-watching nights. Also how cozy is that?

You Absolutely Need: USB Mini Humidifier

Long, cold winter nights imply longer drama-watching escapades. To keep things flowing in your room, get this adorable humidifier that keeps the air moist, and keeps you raging for even more episodes. Also it's a little piglet! Seriously, take my money and give me that STAT!

What are you must-haves for an awesome drama night? Chat with us in the comments section below!


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