When somebody tells another person to find a hobby, many do not actually take the time to explore that idea, but these ten Chinese men went above and beyond by creating jaw-dropping metal machines.

The men have built some very complex metal contraptions. By the look of it, one would think they should quit their day jobs. Here are the contraptions in no particular order:

1. Li Yuming, a local farmer, built this mini-submarine which has a diving depth of about 60 ft and can hold two adults and a child.

2. Shu Manheng created this flying saucer after hurting himself twice in self-made planes.

3. Gao Hanjie, a graphic designer, installs the rotor blades on his homemade helicopter.

4. Yang Zongfu rides his survival floating machine he dubbed "Noah's Ark".

5. Ablajan rides his self-made giant motorcycle.

6. Wu Yulu rides a cart pulled by his walking robot.

7. Tang Zhenping cruises with style in his self-made wind-powered roadster.

8. Ding Shilu, a mechanic, gallantly flies his self-made aircraft.

9. Lin Lin Shulin demonstrates his massage machine.

10. A group of workers at a road maintenance company created this.

And to all the dreamers out there: Keep on building.