This summer has been one K-Pop comeback after another. With so many artists and groups coming out with new music, here are ten music videos that are sure to please your ears and eyes!

1. B1A4 - Solo Day

The boys of B1A4 came out with this completely adorable summer music video featuring everything from scenes on the beach to aliens!

2. Girl's Day - Darling

Relax by the pool while listening to this nostalgic summer jam by the lovely ladies of Girl's Day!

3. BEAST - Good Luck

BEAST didn't win triple crowns on both Music Core and Music Bank with this song for nothing!

4. Hyuna - Red

Everybody is talking about Hyuna's new music video for "Red" and the song itself is completely addicting!

5. JYJ - Back Seat

JYJ's Back Seat video was just released and it's perfect for smooth listening while lounging outside!

6. f(x) - Red Light

Even though they couldn't promote very long, f(x) managed to come out with one of the most memorable K-Pop comebacks of the summer with "Red Light!"

7. K.Will - Day 1

This music video is just too darn cute featuring Park Min Woo and Soyou as the main leads. The song is just as delightful too!

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8. Sistar - Touch My Body

"Touch My Body" is just a super fun summer jam that's perfect to play at your next pool party!

9. GOT7 - A

The boys of GOT7 came out with this cutesy song and music video that are sure to make you smile!

10. Henry - Fantastic

Leave it to Henry to come out with a "fantastic" new song that features both a great dance and cool violin playing!

*Throwback comeback* Lastly, here's one throwback music video that's always perfect for summer. Even though it came out 3 years ago, "Bubble Pop" by Hyuna will always be the most fun to listen to, especially during this time of year!

Which K-Pop comeback of the summer is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!