In the modern world, vintage is considered cool, but you haven't seen vintage design as cool as this. Extremely rare Japanese travel posters worth thousands of dollars were recently discovered when a man found them in his aunt's antique shop, and the graphic design is simply stunning.

The man was going through the shop after his aunt passed away and discovered the amazing posters hidden off to the side. The vintage posters are from the 1930's, and the coloring and images are particularly impressive given that they were not made digitally. Most of the images were produced to promote tourism in Japan, and some were made by the tourism bureau. We bet that just seeing them will make you want to go to Japan.

Autumn: Red Leaves and Onsen (Osaka and Nagoya Rail Agency, 1930s)

Towards Matsujima (Sendai Rail Bureau, 1930s)

Standing on Mountains (Nagoya Rail Agency, 1930s)

Sea Bathing in Obama, Fukui (Osaka and Nagoya Rail Agency, 1930s)

Autumn in Nagoya (Nagoya Tourism Bureau, 1930s)

Summer at Miho Peninsula (Nagoya Rail Agency, 1930s)

Nara (Nara Tourist Bureau, 1930s)

Mount Kumgang in Korea (Japanese Tourist Bureau, 1930s)

Hakusan, Ready to be Climbed (Nagoya Rail Agency, 1930s)

Chuba, Futamata (Nagoya Rail Agency, 1930s)

Kirishima, Kagoshim Prefecture, Retreat of Spirits (Japanese Rail, 1930s)

Fields of Color, Yamanashi Prefecture (Japanese Railways, 1930s)

Golden Years (Retirement) in the Summer (Nagoya Rail Agency, 1930s)