Children — gleeful, innocent, lovable children — were the kings and queens of Korean variety shows this year, from their playful antics on Daddy! Where Are You Going? to their touching magnetism on Superman Has Returned. We also haven’t forgotten about the rest of the cute squad. How could we? These 15 celebrity kids would out-cute baby-era Suri and Blue Ivy Carter in the fiercest of squee battles.

1. Yoon Hoo

His dad is Yoon Min Soo.

Yoon Hoo is (almost) the cutest foodie in the world.

2. Kim Sa Rang

Her parents are Chu Sung Hoon and model Shiho Yano.

It’s a close call, but Sa Rang is most definitely the cutest foodie in the world.

3. Lee Jun Su

His dad is Lee Jong Hyuk.

You know those kids whose smiles make you smile? Yeah.

4. Sung Joon

His dad is Sung Dong Il.

Joonie is a stone-cold, chic-as-all-hell City Boy. On the outside. And I want to cuddle this cuteness to oblivion.

5. Lee Ha Ru

Her parents are Tablo and Kang Hye Jung.

She’s tough as nails (cry at big, scary animals? Ha!) and gets mistaken as a boy from time to time. And she’s our spirit animal.

6. Song Ji Ah

Her dad is soccer player Song Jong Guk.

Loveliest little girl ever.

7. Jang Min Joon

His parents are Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young.

Technically, Min Joon, who’s been kept in the dark, should rightfully be crowned King Baby among all celeb babies thanks to his superstar parents, who are without doubt the Korean Brangelina (minus all the adoptions).

We're holding our breath for the day his face is unveiled to our mortal eyes.

8. Kim Min Guk

His dad is Kim Sung Joo.

The reliable Min Guk is the oldest kid in Daddy! and usually the voice of reason. We’d follow him to the end of the Earth.

9. Lim Yoo

His parents are Shoo and basketball player Lim Hyo Sung.

What. A. Cute. Baby. Oh. My. Goodness.

10. Jordan

His parents are Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae.

Jordan has the brightest smile.

11. Kim Joo Hwan

His dad is Kim Chang Ryul.

Joo Hwan is an ultra-adorable mini version of his dad.

12. Kwon Rook Hee

His parents are Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young.

Suri would have so much to say about Rook Hee’s unfortunate outfit.

13. Jung Seung Kwon, Jung Seung Bin

Their mom is Lee Young Ae.

These twins are just asking for all the love and cooing thrown their way.

14. Yoo Dong Woo

His parents are Yoo Joon Sang and Hong Eun Hee.


15. Ha Eum, Ha Rang, Ha Yool, Ha El

Their parents are Sean and Jung Hye Young.

There's four of them. With matching names. Stop it.

Happy holidays, everyone! Enjoy all the cute!