It’s that time of year again — you are officially on your way back to school in a few days! Whether you’re about to take 8th grade math or Intro to Psychology, there are some reactions that happen every school year. So, to celebrate your otaku school life, here are 22 anime GIFs that totally get "back to school."

1) When you realize summer is over and you did absolutely nothing

2) How you think your squad’s going to enter class

3) How your squad’s really going to enter class

4) How the bros meet up

5) How girls meet up

6) When you realize your summer selfies bombed

7) When you realize you and bae aren’t in the same class

8) When the teacher’s reading off all the new work on the syllabus

9) That one girl who’s too happy to be back

10) That one kid who’s always eating in class and thinks nobody notices

11) That one couple that has to tell everyone they’re a couple now

12) How you look first day of school...

13)...and second day of school

14) When you’re sitting next to someone you like

15) When you’re sitting next to someone you hate

16) You in class

17) You in gym

18) What you think your love life’s going to be like

19) What your love life’s really going to be like

20) When the bell rings

21) When you get home and tell ma you failed the first quiz

22) And when it finally hits you that summer is now officially a year away

So, what other feels do you get when you first get back to school? Be sure to sound off in the comments below! And for all your anime goodness, be sure to follow Dramafever on Twitter!

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