Did you know it's International Sloth Day? Well, it is, and I can think of no better way to celebrate than ogling these ridiculously funny and adorable photos of So Ji Sub and his sweet sloths! 

Remember when he gave Shin Min Ah a giant stuffed sloth named "Bastard" to beat up so she would have fun getting exercise in Oh My Venus? Well, apparently at some point during the hit drama's run, So Ji Sub agreed to this photo shoot with a whole bunch of stuffed sloths, and I'm still laughing about them to this day:

1. Holding up little baby twin sloths like a proud father: 

2. There's something very suspicious about this sloth...

3. Aww, sloth cuddles: 

4. Can I be in the center of that So Ji Sub/Sloth sandwich? 

5. He loves his sloth so much, he takes it wherever he goes: 

Which So Ji Sub/Sloth photo made you smile the most?

Aww, don't you miss Oh My Venus now?

I think it's time for a marathon! Happy International Sloth Day!