You never walk into the produce section of a grocery store and think, "Hey these bananas should each have their own box," but that is exactly what Dole has decided to sell in Tokyo. For a very limited time, the company has begun to sell world class bananas, each with their own individual case and serial number.

The bananas cost 590 yen (roughy $5.80), and the company added even more mystique to the regal fruit by deciding to only sell 59 of them. The fancy bananas have the name Gokusen and weigh roughly 200 grams. This is significant because regular bananas usually weigh around 100 grams. What distinguishes the Gokusen bananas is that they were grown at extremely high altitudes above the sea in the Philippines. So the next time you get a nicely wrapped gift in a box, try not to be disappointed that is a piece of fruit.