The bowerbird, a bird indigenous to Papua New Guinea and Australia, is known for its very unique method of courtship. The males will try to attract females with their architecture and design skills by building nests worthy of their crush's attention.

The bowerbirds' way of attracting future mates by flaunting creativity is a whole lot better than the steamer duck, which will actually beat another duck to death just to show off his physical machismo to a female. The bowerbird is a lover, not a fighter, and instead shows his creative machismo by finding twigs and branches, building a visually stunning and practical nest, and to top that all off, gathering colorful flowers to decorate the exterior. If you look at the photos, every bowerbird builds his own unique nest so as to stand out and hopefully win the heart of the female he's trying to impress. 

They will use whatever they can to make their nests look extra special, even straws, plastic bottle caps, and pens, if they can find any of these things. Blue seems to be a prevalent color used to decorate because apparently, the females love the blue.

If you were a female bowerbird and you were shown a beautiful nest built by a male who was trying desperately to win your heart, how could you not be impressed?


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