A new social trend might be on the rise, and its only a tad scandalous than it is cute. International Lingerie brand Triumph has innovated a real wonder bra in Japan that changes color when you stand close to your friend, or sister. The bra is a fashion innovation and not for sale, and .... hold your breath for this... was inspired by the hit Disney movie "Frozen" because of the close sibling relationship that triumphs any obstacle when it comes to sibling love. Warning: following images are potentially NSFW, proceed with caution:

The wintery bras are called "Close Sister Bras" and have some smart technology that operates the change in color:

There are a pair of heart shaped pads to go along with the bra and have the kanji characters for big sister and little sister. There are also these straps that can be swapped between the bras. The material used for the heart, and also the bras’ cups, contains electronic paper which acts as a flexible screen that initiates the color change when the hearts come in contact.

Unfortunately, if you are looking to get a matching set with your BFF or sister or just love frozen... you are out of luck because Triumph likes to get innovative with their intimate ensembles to showcase their company's taken on fashion innovation.