These mannequins in China have more flair and style than those in a Louis Vuitton show window on Fifth Avenue. It's not even fair for Louis Vuitton to have to compete with the creative directors at this rural supermarket.

Not trying to be funny here. The people at Louis Vuitton, or whatever other brand that claims they're cool, better find out the name of the hip, daring creative director, or art director, or grocery bagger, or whoever styled these mannequin,s and give that fashionista a call cuz this is just too much. If Vivienne Westwood did this for a fashion show, every model wearing these outfits would be making those serious "I'm cool" faces as they strutted down the runway while onlookers sat and nodded with approval as flashes from hundreds of cameras went off.

I mean, really... look at all these.


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