I love food. You love food. We all love food! So what's wrong with wearing your favorite food on your head? According to some Japanese hair accessory makers, absolutely nothing.

Your own personal style and fashion is a form of self-expression, an opportunity to declare to the world your taste, sense, and aesthetics. And if your tastes include love of pizza, gyoza, yakitori, bacon and eggs, or even fermented soy beans over rice, well then, you can express that too.

Japan, which has always been renowned for their plastic display sample foods which look exactly like the real thing, is seeing a mini-trend of companies implementing those skills into making fashion pieces. These pieces are in the form of hair accessories, whether they be hair bands, hair pins, hair sticks, or rubber bands to tie your ponytail.

As usual, the detail of these accessories is incredible; they pretty much look like real food. If you love pizza, the cute pizza hair band is for you. Wear it out on a first date, and there'll be no need to have to talk about where you want to go for dinner. All you need to do is show that charming smile, and your date is sure to notice that cute, greasy pizza sitting on your head.

If sweets are your thing, just go into your drawer and grab your cookie hair pins!

Yakitori sticks (notice how they are a little burnt!)

Pizza hair stick

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Whole pie

Fries with ketchup


Cookie pins