Many restaurants in Japan will have a glass display by the entrance where realistic-looking plastic samples of items on the menu lure customers with their realistic deliciousness. These food samples, as you can imagine, are made with extreme attention to detail, sometimes looking tastier than the actual dishes served inside the restaurant. With toy maker Takara Tomy's new food sample mini-toys, you hang some of these mouth-watering samples on your set of keys.

Gacha Gacha is a toy vending machine seen all over Japan, where, for a few coins, you can win whatever is crammed inside the machine with the turn of a lever. (Gacha is the sound the lever makes when you turn it.) Most times, the items in the machines are in capsules, and they consist of colorful gum balls, mini-cars and plastic models, selected mini-toys, and collectibles of all sorts. In June of 2013, Takara Tomy made these mini food samples of breakfast food available in Gacha Gacha, and the little toys quickly sold out to children and adults alike. This new series of food samples are a result of that success.

The reason these plastic food samples are so popular in Japan is that up until now, these samples were only for the restaurant industry. They were never available for anyone other than food professionals affiliated with restaurants and bars, so once they became available as cute little mini-toys, there was quite the mini-frenzy.

One turn of the Gacha lever costs 200 yen, about 2 dollars, and there are a total of 6 different foods you can collect. Available in game arcades all over Japan until the end of October.

Cherry tomatoes




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Baguette and butter