If things don't seem too bright in your life right now, there's no more need to be down. All you need to do is put on the right kind of glasses, and the world around you will become magical. A man in Japan figured out a novel way to make the world around him shine bright.

What these glasses do is they make all lights in your periphery glow, giving everything a sense of wonder. A plain old office building at night will look like a five-star hotel. Traffic lights in your boring, deserted hometown will make you feel like you're in Times Square! At night, all lights around you will be twinkling and glowing, sure to snap you out of being bummed out.

Anyone who wants to add some twinkle to life is sure to have fun with these. And the greatest thing about these glasses is that you don't have to buy them. They are not for sale, but... you can make them! A Japanese man noticed that all of the lights at night seemed to be glowing, and he couldn't figure out what the deal was. He eventually realized it was his scratched up lens. Because he loved what he was seeing, he figured out how to create the ideal scratched up lens. All you do is scratch your lens with some sandpaper, and you will be taken into the world of majestic, glowing lights. Don't be too rough when scratching your lens, though; you have to be delicate. So the finer, the better. Apparently, even if your lens is pretty scratched up, it doesn't affect how clearly you can see. Obviously, this is recommended for people with cheaper glasses.

Just be careful if you already live in a city like New York or Hong Kong. Wearing these glasses at night around all those neon lights might just give you a headache.

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