Why go camping when you can go “glamping?” Forget the old fashioned triangle tents and bulky campers; you can now luxuriate in a fabulous tent unit available in “stacking doughnut” and “modular flow” models.

Nestled on the serene campgrounds of Yang-Pyeong, South Korea, you’ll find a set of peculiar, yet beautiful, looking tents designed by Archiworkshop that offer campers a luxurious stay with nature. Each unit comes complete with sofas that transform into beds, artwork created by local artists in Seoul, and bathrooms. And no worries; they're made out of fireproof and water resistant materials.

This round unit is called the "stacking doughnut."

These are the "modular flow" units which actually resemble pretty silk worms.

Each unit was also given a name: "Sea, Dessert, Creek, Mountain, Cave, Forest, River, and City.

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Inside each unit you will find beautiful artwork created by a local Seoul artist.

After looking at the photos, can't you just picture Secret Garden characters Kim Joo Won and Oska owning one of these? The tent designs really are along the same style as the homes both characters lived in.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE