Some things are too good to wear, and the Japanese manufacturer Sakae makes delicate and remarkable hairpins that definitely fall in that category. The colorful hairpins take on various shapes like butterflies and flowers in an array of patterns and designs. 

The hairpins, which are known as kanzashi, are so intricately designed that it's easy to confuse each one for a museum sculpture. If you're anxious to own one of these delicate masterpieces, you can visit the official Sakae website to purchase your favorite hairpiece. 

There's one catch though: the company will only ship them to people who live in Japan. So this is all the more reason to go visit the beautiful country, or you can make some friends in Japan who will get them for you. Either way, the photos below will give you a great indication of how truly stunning these hairpieces look, and we can't even begin to imagine how good they look in someone's hair. 

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