Lee Jun Ki -- who is currently starring in Two Weeks -- is a doll…literally! Considering he is the first original “flower boy,” in my mind it would be totally weird if he didn’t have dolls that looked just like him. I mean they really do look just like him in a beautiful yet extremely creepy way. Now as a porcelain doll collector myself (owner of three), I can look at these otherwise extremely creepy looking creations and appreciate the beauty in them.

To clarify: I wasn't purposely looking for Lee Jun Ki dolls! I was looking up photos for something else involving oppa (^_^) and there just happened to be a photo of him as a doll in the search results; I’m serious! Anyway, after further investigation I found the website which at one point sold these dolls. The buying period was 2008 so we’re a little late, but I’m pretty sure once I tell you how much they were being sold for you wouldn’t bother buying one even if you could.

Each ball jointed doll had been carefully crafted to replicate Lee Jun Ki during various points in his career at the time. These limited edition dolls captured his moments in the historical KDrama Iljimae, and also the action drama Time Between Dog and Wolf. A doll was created for an ad campaign he did for the Spris clothing store and most importantly, a doll was created for his role in the film King and Clown/The King and Clown -- the show that made him famous. Each doll stands at two feet and costs $1,250!

Now as much as I love Lee Jun Ki and love that these dolls look exactly like him which is borderline creepy, and absolutely 100% wish I could have the King and Clown doll; no way would I spend that much money for one! My round trip plane ticket to Seoul cost less than that! It’s kind of like, “hmm having a doll in the image of a hot Korean guy, or actually going to Korea and meeting hot Korean guys?” Got to get your priorities straight. But don’t you just want one anyway? I wonder if this company will ever make limited edition Arang and the Magistrate dolls. I can only imagine how beautiful it would look wearing the throw back Joseon magistrate uniform with the hat and beads!

Just check out these photos of Lee Jun Ki looking stunning even as a doll!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE