As much as I love a cold glass of water, sometimes I just crave a little bit of flavor. Now, with The Right Cup, I can get both at the same time! With six flavors to choose from, these new cups are made with various aromas already inserted inside them, allowing whoever's drinking water from them to taste refreshing fruit (and even coke) instead of just plain water.

It is said that 80% of our tasting experience comes from our sense of smell, which explains why you can't taste anything when you have a stuffed up nose. To take advantage of this sensory process, a team of creative entrepreneurs came together and started an Indiegogo campaign, with a goal of 50,000 dollars, to help them create the world's first fruit-flavored cups. With little more than one day left, The Right Cup team's mission has amassed over 420,000 dollars, putting them on track for an April 2016 release. The current flavors of the cups are lemon lime, orange, apple, mixed berries, peach, and coke, with plans for new flavors in the future. The aromas inside the cups are all FDA approved, so there are no concerns regarding safety. Many people with health problems and those in the medical field are excited for this new product, one reason being that people struggling with obesity and/or diabetes will now be able to enjoy sweet flavors they've been missing just by drinking a healthy glass of water!

The cups can be washed by hand after use, and the aromas inside the cups will last for approximately six months, which means you'll have to periodically restock your supply. They cost 78 dollars for a set of four, and you can pick any four flavors you want. 

Now I'm getting thirsty.

Sounds good