Businesses frequently make their female employees dress in barely-there clothing to attract an audience, but one airline may be taking fanservice a little too far. Starting in May, Japan’s Skymark Airlines is going to have its female flight attendants don the miniest of miniskirts as part of a new uniform that some believe will risk the safety of the women wearing them.

The new garb, a royal blue dress with miniskirt and heels, has been deemed “dangerous” by the Japan Federation of Cabin Attendants. Not only will this attire place the flight attendants in physical danger should they be required to exit the plane in an emergency via chute, the union argues, but it will also portray the women as sex objects and place them at greater risk for sexual harassment.

Couple all that with how it’s just difficult to do your job while constantly having to worry about revealing your underwear if you accidentally bend at the wrong angle, and it becomes clear that Skymark is really just making an inconsiderate decision.

They company has asserted that the uniforms are only part of a “half-year campaign,” not all employees will wear them, and that they are getting “consent from the cabin attendants who are scheduled to wear the uniforms.” Still, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Travel is investigating the possibility of the uniforms being a genuine safety hazard while the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is checking to make sure it doesn’t violate the employer’s legal requirement to protect employees from sexual harassment.

Either way, whenever your employer asks for your “consent,” they really just mean you have to say yes, and it is completely understandable why the women would want to say no.

After all, who can forget the last time a pervy guy came across a woman in a blue uniform with miniskirt and heels?

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