A Japanese eyewear company has designed a new type of glasses for those suffering from pollen allergies. The rate of effectiveness is an astounding 98%.

One in four Japanese people are allergic to pollen. When pollen season rolls around, sufferers get itchy, red, puffy eyes, and often can't stop sneezing. It's not pleasant, especially when there's nothing you can do about it. Medication is an option, but like all medicine, it doesn't necessarily always work. They definitely don't have a success rate of 98% like the new "Jins" glasses developed in Japan by eyewear brand JIN. These glasses have a special design to prevent any pollen from coming in that otherwise would if your eyes were only protected by regular glasses, which stop only about 50% of pollen from getting in your eyes. For some, that's still a lot of pollen.

JIN has been around for a few years, but their designs and effectiveness have been constantly improving. First generation Jins glasses looked more like goggles. The second ones looked better but had only a 93% rate of efficiency. And now for the release of their third generation glasses, designers used 3D printing for production to create the ideal style, all the while improving them to 98% efficiency.

Sounds better than any conventional treatment. And they even have sunglasses.

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