The Japanese schoolgirl's uniform, known as sailor fuku, was first introduced in 1920, and it has since become synonymous with female junior high and high school students. On March 2, a new type of sailor fuku will go on sale, and they are unlike any uniforms anyone has ever seen.

Called the "Neo Graphic Sailor Fuku," these new uniforms are out of this world. This new set of sailor outfits come in four different designs: Cosmic Dust, Heavenly Flash, Glowing Jellyfish, and Emerald Aqua. The price is 7990 yen, or about 67 dollars. Because schools have their own uniforms that students are required to wear, this line of uniforms is for personal use only. The makers of these uniforms, Clear Stone, are promoting them not as cosplay or actual uniforms, but as everyday fashion items. As odd as that sounds, it totally makes sense because in Japan, sailor fuku is really more than just a school uniform.

Cosmic Dust

 Heavenly Flash

See how three women from the Joseon Era navigate life, love, and social status in the historical drama Maids:

Glowing Jellyfish

Emerald Aqua

Modeled by twin models "mimmam"

Cute print, cute ribbon, and adjustable waist.