If you never want to see your baby cry, then I guess you're not a Japanese parent at this festival. At Japan's annual Children's Day on May 5th, in a battle of crying babies, the baby who cries first is believed to be endowed with great health and fortune, so the parents are happy to see their babies cry at this event. Watch the video and you'll hear parents laughing and cheering when their babies cry their hearts out while being held by sumo wrestlers.

In the 'Baby Sumo,' babies aged six months to one year are dressed in traditional costumes and held by adults. The adults around them try to make them cry. Whichever baby cries first is the winner. Some babies cooperate and immediately cry, winning hearty, happy laughter from their parents. Some simply won't cooperate, as they may not react or even smile, but they look so cute.

This traditional event is held all over Japan. In this video, the babies are held by sumo wrestlers making a hilarious contrast of baby fat against Sumo fat.

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What do you think? Would you deliberately make your baby cry? Or even let a Sumo wrestler hold your baby?