The largest wisteria tree in Japan is located in the Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi and it should be considered one of the natural wonders of the world. The towering, majestic tree is over 144-years-old and has vibrant, colorful flowers that look like giant perpetually glowing twinkle lights.

Fortunately, several skilled photographers have been able to really capture the stunning tree. One of most impressive facts about the epic wonder is that the vines of the tree total a staggering 1,990 square meters (roughly 3,904 feet).

Anyone wishing to really experience the scope of the tree is welcome to walk underneath its massive outstretched canopy. Just promise that if you do go, you'll make sure to take as many pictures as possible because we can't get enough of them.

(Cover image by P-Zilla)

[Photo credit: Takao Tsushima]

[Photo credit: Kazumi Ishikawa]

[Photo credit: Taka Ochiai]

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[Photo credit: Mamiko Irie]

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[Photo credit: P-Zilla]

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