If only all public restrooms were this blissful! Speaking from experience, I had to use a public restroom at a subway stop in Brooklyn the other day, and I just gotta say... maybe I shouldn't say. If only it was like any of these luxurious restrooms in Japan.

After getting used to public restrooms in New York City, it's a wonderful feeling to be in Japan and know that anywhere you are, you'll find an unoccupied and very clean bathroom, always with a surplus of toilet paper. Many of the bathrooms at department stores, restaurants, and hotels make you feel like you're on the Enterprise from Star Trek. But not one of those amazing bathrooms look like the ones you're about to see.

It's true. The Japanese really do appreciate the zen of sitting on the toilet.

Tokoname Toilet Park:

Found this one in the Amazon:

You'll soar like a bird after you go.

It's outside but has glass walls of privacy that are surrounded by flowers.

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In the garden:

Japanese zen style:

You will feel like Cleopatra on this throne: