Decisions...decisions...decisions...regardless of who you are life is full of decisions. What is more, at the end of the day, we all have to live with the consequences of our choices -- good or bad. This is perhaps all the more true for celebrities whose decision to take on / decline a role can make or break their career. The right role can catapult a fledgling star into the limelight, while a bad casting can torpedo years of hard work and ruin future prospects. In fact, some of the most iconic roles (and the stars) we have come to love and adore are a result of other stars turning down a casting offer. Which stars turned down these amazing roles? Keep reading to find out!

Descendants of the Sun:

In 2016 Descendants of the Sun swept drama fans off their feet and claimed a special spot in many peoples hearts. This was made possible, in part, due to actor Song Joong Ki's captivating portrayal of special forces Captain Yoo Shi Jin. However, while it might come as a shock to many fans of the hit drama, Song Joong Ki was not the actor who was initially offered the fact he was fifth on the list!!

The truth is that Descendants of the Sun writer Kim Eun Sook had others in mind when she was writing the part. Actor Gong Yoo was first offered the role but when he declined the offer went to Won BinJo In Sung, and then Kim Woo Bin -- all of whom passed on the role for various reasons. 

While Descendants of the Sun might have been a very different drama had someone else played Yoo Shi Jin, we are glad Song Joong Ki won out, showing us some amazing acting right after his discharge from the military! 

Another Oh Hae Young:

Another hit series from 2016! The romantic comedy Another Oh Hae Young and its protagonist Oh Hae Young captured viewer's hearts with her wonderfully charming sweetness and sense of humor. This lovable character was brought to life by Seo Hyun Jin in a performance that truly demonstrated her talent as an actresses. However, while Seo Hyun Jin and Oh Hae Young have now become largely synonymous she was actually the third choice for the role!

Actress Kim Ah Joong was the directors first pick, but due to her filming schedule she was unable to accept the part. The second choice, Choi Kang Hee, also declined the role leaving Seo Hyun Jin as the next candidate. What is more amazing is that Seo Hyun Jin received the role of Oh Hae Young just two months before the drama’s first broadcast and still managed to make the character her own!

Architecture 101:

This one is a movie role! In 2012 singer and actress Bae Su Ji (Suzy) made her movie debut in the film Architecture 101. The movie was a success and Suzy's part in the film left a deep impression in the mind of film goers through her natural acting skills and lovable charm. For her role, Suzy was given the title of ‘Nation’s First Love’ and her popularity and acting career blossomed. However, Suzy was not the first...or even the second casting choice for the role of Seo Yeon. 

The first choice went to Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, but she couldn’t accept the role because of her group’s schedule. The offer was then made to Moon Chae Won, but as she had just finished filming a drama she declined the role in order to take a much deserved break.

It is hard to imagine where Suzy’s acting career would be now if not for her role as Seo Yeon.

Were you surprised to find out who might have ended up playing some of your favorite characters? Who would you have liked to seen portraying one of these roles? Let us know your thoughts below!