Some necklaces perfectly compliment an outfit, and some stand out on their own as a distinct eye-catching, bold piece. Then there are necklaces that are none of those things. And that's exactly what Japanese designer Takayuki Fukusawa has created in a series of pendant necklaces whose figures look like they are jumping into a woman's cleavage.

The necklaces, which are meant to be playful and humorous, are called "Tanama Diver," and feature a series of sky divers, astronauts, swimmers and even monkeys all making gestures that look like they are jumping toward or climbing out of a woman's breasts.

It should be noted that these necklaces don't have to be worn just by women, and would in fact probably look funnier on guys. The pendants are undoubtedly provocative, but the real question is, would you ever wear them?

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