Jason Porath is a former effects animator for the celebrated movie studio DreamWorks, so he knows a thing or two about great and possibly sketchy role models for children.  

A while back, Jason and co-workers came up with the idea to research and identify seriously flawed/brave/wild/crazy female protagonists in history that would make for great princess characters in movies, but would never see the light of day because of their controversial backgrounds. 

Let's take a closer look at some of these compelling characters. 

NAZIQ al-ABID (1898-1959)- Not only was Naziq al-Abid the first female Syrian general in history, she spoke five languages and started seven organizations including the Syrian Red Crescent. If that's not enough, consider that the inspiring leader fought for equality for her entire life. 

HYPATIA (350-370?-415)-This noted leader holds one of the most important distinctions ever, by being the first female mathematician in history. She was also a genius in the fields of physics, astronomy and philosophy. 

MASAKO HOJO (1157-1225)- Also known as the Nun Shogun, got so mad at her cheating husband that she hired an army to burn her husband's lover's house to the ground. She was also a fiery leader and helped to establish the Hojo dynasty. 

NOOR INAYAT KHAN (1914-1944)-This fearless British spy was the epitome of bravery. Khan worked as a radio operator in occupied Paris and maintained her existence as a secret agent for almost five months, (usually people lasted six weeks in that job). The national hero also managed to escape the Gestapo on more than one occasion. 

IARA-The mythical story of Brazil's "Lady of the Lake" starts in a tribe based in the Amazon. Iara was the daughter of the tribe's spiritual leader and said to be in peak warrior condition when her two jealous brothers tried to kill her in the night. But Iara woke up before anything could happen, killing her brothers when they tried to attack her. The warrior legend was then thrown in the river by her tribe where she is said to have made friends with tons of sea life. 

Jason compiled a list of of these women, who come from history, myths and folktales and decided to put them all on his incredible website RejectedPrincesses.com