"Ōmori." That's Japanese for an extra large serving of food. But when you go to restaurants known for their special extra large servings, make sure you have a special extra large appetite.

Hungry? Sushi Bistro Firebird, a local Tokyo sushi joint, has a special lunch on the menu for 880 yen(about nine dollars), and you will definitely be stuffed when you walk out. That's if after eating your lunch you can still walk. This lunch is quite the deal, the extreme version of bang for your buck. It's literally called "Too Much Maguro (Tuna) Over Rice Bowl." As you can see in the photo, there definitely is too much maguro over rice, just as advertised. I can't actually seem to find the rice. Maybe it's crushed under all that weight. Or maybe whoever ordered this is watching their carbs. I understand the need to have a gimmick for competition, but this does seem a bit excessive. I love maguro as much as anyone else, but I'd rather get my regular serving and enjoy my meal like a normal human being.

If eating pounds of raw fish for lunch isn't your thing, no problem. Restaurants all over have similar deals. You can have ramen, yakisoba, tonkatsu, curry rice, or soba noodles -just take your pick. So all those stories you hear about servings being small in Japan...

Not everywhere!