With just about a week having passed since the shocking results of the American president election, there has already been a reported increase in hate crimes all around the country, targeting minorities of all races and sexual orientations. Of course, we all know just how wrong it is to judge any other human being for being any different from ourselves, but when you see this touching video of people finding out what their DNA tells them about where they really come from, you'll see why it's so wrong with your very own eyes.

Recently, travel metasearch website Momondo conducted a case study/promotion in which it offered 67 participants of various ethnicities and backgrounds a DNA test. To prove their point, the team from Momondo selected those who were especially proud of their own national identities and makeup, and not so fond of a certain group of others. For example, a proud British man among the group tells the panel he doesn't in particular like Germans. A Bangladeshi participant says he's not really fond of Pakistanis or Indians. Others are just extremely proud of where they came from, and 100% assured they are purely French, or what have you.

You have to watch the video. It gets very emotional, it's touching. Every single participant's lives change the moment they find out who and what they're really made of. Which goes back to all the extremism going on now in American and other parts of the world. If we all only knew what's in our DNA, and the far-off places that we actually hail from, the world would maybe be a lot more peaceful and loving place.


The Princess Weiyoung - 锦绣未央

Starring Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin

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