If you worry about the day you have to leave college and live like an adult, take a cue from these awesome students at Shandong University who decided to celebrate their last day as students by photoshopping their graduation pics to look like the coolest movies and shows ever. And so, in order to celebrate their shirking of tomorrow’s responsibilities in the name of humor, here are some of the best results of Shandong students sitting in the computer lab a little too long.

Because the best way to look cool is to imitate the world's most famous nerds.

The guy copying Cap is adequately muscular.

That girl still shows more emotion than Christian Bale.

These two guys didn’t get the movie memo and decided to copy video games.

Not sure if that dude’s enjoying the joke, or being surrounded by women. And who wouldn't love being in My Love From Another Star?

Lee Min Ho approves this photoshopping. Not so sure about the rest of the Heirs.

Is it kind of sad that they couldn’t get a girl to pose with them?

Somebody hire these guys; they actually do pretty good special effects.

The original movie’s supposed to be a huge hit…but this version has ladies.

http://dfvr.co/1i66Ygy”">Watch four rookie detectives fight crime under a hot-blooded, off-the-wall chief detective in You Are All Surrounded.

Won’t lie; this actually looks pretty romantic.

Even next to the parody, a grown man in a cowboy hat sitting on a kid horse is still ridiculous.

So what do you think? Do Chinese graduates simply have too much time on their hands, or is this the most memorable graduation ever? Sound off the comments below! And for all your hilarity needs, be sure to follow Dramafever and myself on Twitter!