Not born with blindness, Liu Wei massages a classmate’s feet in a classroom to practice to become a blind masseur. Liu suffers from glaucoma, a condition of increased pressure within the eyeball that causes gradual loss of sight, and was forced to quit university. Liu could have given up, but like many people with physical disabilities, he decided to develop new, unique skills instead.

Liu enrolled in the Anhui Special Education Secondary School in 2012 to become a blind masseur. Established in 2008, the school focuses on educating those having visual, hearing, and motor impairments. The school’s success is indicated in the higher than 95% employment rate for graduates.

“I tried to learn international trade at Anhui Xinhua University. However, with my deteriorating eyesight, I had serious trouble reading books and went to the special school for better job opportunities," Liu said.

The school offers majors for blind massage, mobile phone repair, and network marketing. After graduation, the school also offers internship opportunities based on the student’s interests. The school principal, Xu Taokun, is proud to be a part of the school and believes that each person has their own abilities so they should not be abandoned by society. The state plans on raising the quality of education for the disabled in the coming years according to the National Human Rights Action Plan of China.

Things are looking great for Liu, who said, “After graduation, I want to start my own blind massage business and help more blind people to become the backbone of society.”