If you have a strong reaction or a do a double take upon seeing this woman's t-shirt, then Japanese designer Takayuki Fukuzawa will have achieved what he wanted for his "Delusion Mapping Project" to see how people react to these images. It's actually meant to present humor and get people to smile.

While admitting the bra size for the breasts depicted on the t-shirts is about a D-cup, Takayuki said in an interview that he was originally worried about the reaction from women. He said, “I received a ton of praise from men, but for a long time I worried what women would say. But once I lifted the lid and showed them, it turned out that the girls were actually the ones who took to the design the most. One woman actually said, ‘This is great--from now on I can turn my bee-stings into boobies!’ haha.”

Interestingly, some men are also fond of wearing these t-shirts themselves.

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The shirts retail for around US$35, according to his website.

By the way, Takayuki Fukuzawa is the same designer of the provocative pendant necklaces with figurines that look like they are jumping for or climbing out of cleavage.