Samantha and Anais are twin sisters who were born in South Korea and placed for adoption at the same time as infants, but grew up on different continents without ever having seen each other's face. Years later, they would never have suspected that a YouTube video and a few social media messages could have rocked their worlds, sending them colliding back together.

Anais grew up in France and was encouraged by her adopted family to pursue a career in the arts. Eventually, she became a fashion design student in London. Samantha grew up in New Jersey and eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. Anais’s friends watched a YouTube video featuring Samantha and noticed how identical Samantha looked to Anais. They did some searching on Google and found that Samantha had the same birthday and was also adopted. Anais took to Twitter and Facebook to message Samantha. Long story short, here is a preview of what came about:

Are they truly twin sisters? We might just find out if their film gets funding on Kickstarter.