After being arrested for vandalism, one would hope that the perpetrator would mend their ways. Apparently for these two sweet-faced young criminals, that warning just wasn't enough.

Tsang Lai-wun and Yau Hie-tung struck again soon after they were arrested for trashing and abandoning an apartment without paying a deposit or rent in New Taipei City. After changing their hair color, one to pink and one to orange, one of the vandals checked in to a hostel using the name Chen Mei-ling. A worker not only recognized her from the news reports, but noticed she had a Hong Kong accent when she spoke.

The worker notified the police and they arrived to find the hostel the women resided in vandalized with trash littered on the bed and floor, a clogged toilet, and a message written on the wall that said, “Taiwan is China”. When brought in to the police station the women immediately demanded someone bring them fried chicken and Yau Hie-tung insisted that they call an ambulance for a cut on her gums incurred when she ate a stale and dried pineapple cake.

The women claimed that the Chinese Communist Party was plotting to kill them and that they were planning on committing suicide after their money ran out. They also claimed that they were fleeing China after grave robbing 100,000 yuan, and that they had come to Taiwan by hitching a ride on a boat after being falsely accused of stealing a cell phone. While possibly great for a movie, none of the claims have been confirmed.