Public commuting can be brutal especially in crowded cities, so naturally the best place for reminders of the proper way to act in public is definitely the subway. And I think one of the reasons that the Japanese train system works so well is because of riders' almost impeccable etiquette.

For almost forty years, Japan has been posting subway posters regarding the proper way to act on the train and are now a subject in a Tokyo University Arts Museum show. The messages on the eye-catching vintage posters encourage people not to smoke, give up your seat for mothers and babies and to not forget your umbrella.

The genius behind these colorful ads is Hideya Kawakita, a 67-year-old designer who also drafted the Tokyo subway system map.

1977, Angelic Mary telling everyone to reserve seats for mothers and children. 

1976: Marilyn Monroe telling everyone to take their umbrella. 

1979: An Art Nouveau no smoking poster. 

1982: John Wayne also telling you not to smoke in the terminal.