A woman in Tokyo went to pick up an umbrella she had forgotten a day earlier at a cafe, but on her way there, she stumbled upon an exhibition that brightened her day. Most of us get bummed out when it rains and we have to walk around with umbrellas, but designer Masaru Suzuki doesn't think it has to be that way.

As Ai Ikeda walked past the Spiral Building in Omotesando, she saw a sign by the entrance stating "Masaru Suzuki Umbrella Exhibition." Curious, she went inside, and the sheer number and colors of the umbrellas displayed inspired her. "I feel connected to umbrellas today," she tweeted. Masaru Suzuki is one of the most successful textile designers in the world, designing for Marimekko and also known as the designer of Moomin. "Walking with Textiles" is the theme of his exhibition, with over 90 different types of umbrellas introduced. With his designs on the umbrellas hanging from the ceiling or displayed on the walls, the public is treated to an exhibition that may change the way they feel about rainy days.

The exhibition goes until the 18th and is free of charge.