With  Kill Me, Heal Me premiering tomorrow exclusively here on DramaFever, fans have been wondering exactly how the romantic plot of this drama will play out. Which of the male lead's 7 personalities will the female lead be in love with, will her fake twin brother end up being a love interest, and will the second female lead prove a formidable rival for the male lead's love? The newest trailer gives us hints about the answers to all of these questions.


Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) is a rich heir to a family company with one major problem. Due to suppressed childhood trauma, he suffers from dissociative identity disorder, manifested in 7 unique personalities who are out of his control. In order to overcome this disorder in secret, he hires a first year psychiatric resident (Hwang Jung Eum) to help him heal by killing off each personality one by one.

Teaser 3

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Based on the new teaser, it looks like Hwang Jung Eum's character initially falls in love with Ji Sung's dark and mysterious bad boy personality. And who wouldn't with that amazing guyliner and the passionate look in his eyes? But I'm guessing when she meets Ji Sung's real personality, she will begin to develop feelings for him too. But maybe it will be hard for her to have to "kill" off his other personalities if she has feelings for the bad boy persona. So in a way, I guess this scenario could end up being a strange love triangle itself! 

It also looks like, just as fans have suspected, there will be a love triangle involving Hang Jung Eum's character's twin brother (Park Seo Joon), who turns out to not have been her twin brother. It's always a little questionable when K-dramas play the faux-cest card, so I guess we shall see if this relationship seems adorable or just creepy.

And lastly, we catch a glimpse of the second female lead played by Kim Yoo Ri. In this trailer she seems sympathetic, but will we love her or hate her in the end? When the same actress played the second female lead in The Master's Sun, I started out hating her but then she was so funny that I loved her by the end!