Sometimes you just have to fake it till you make it, and that’s what our characters are doing this week. Join Kate and me, Cici, as we talk about the ways everyone does their best to make it through trying times.

Cici: The more I see Jennifer, the more I want to know about her story. She has obviously had her share of tragedy in the past, yet she manages to pull herself together and get on with life no matter what. I am curious as to what the significance of this music box is, though. It plays Brahms' Lullaby, so does it have something to do with a baby from her past?

Kate: I would put real serious odds that it was a gift to her from someone close to her who passed away or it is something that someone close to her who passed away owned. A mother or young daughter, perhaps? I’m more sure about the first part than the second. My guess for Yellow Shoes is that she is a cousin or step or half sibling; they definitely didn’t seem like they’d kept up since the last time they’d been in each other’s lives. The old man? I’m not sure if he was meant to be a grandfather-aged person or an uncle or father-aged person. Whatever it is, it really knocked Jennifer for a loop. Hopefully she will feel better soon, but in the meantime, perhaps it would help her to lean on the others in the house a little bit for support. She needs to open up a little too.

DeShonda: I am very curious about Jennifer’s story as well. I was wondering if the music box she has as to do with a baby perhaps as well. I was wondering who the older gentlemen was that is a part of Jennifer’s life. I thought maybe it was her father. I really hope that she opens up more about her life too.

Cici: Even though Jennifer always seems strong, she does need to open up and accept comfort from others. It seems to be a common theme among the residents of that house. Seo Ri is struggling so much with the decision to participate in the festival, even though she doesn’t feel ready and fears failure. It is nice that her former teacher is there to support her, and that Woo Jin is there to cheer her on, no matter what.

Kate: It is so great to see that someone in the music world was willing to reach out and give her a hand to bring her back in, especially someone with clout and judgement that can be trusted. Too bad Tae Rin is still so hesitant. She’s certainly faking that she’s fine with bringing Seo Ri into the music festival as a musician. The flashbacks at least made it a little more understandable; her mother used Seo Ri as an example to compare her to and berate her, and on top of that, Tae Rin’s peers seemed to be a little dazzled by her as well. It still seems less than gracious that she is jealous of her even after she lost thirteen years of her life, career, and education in a coma over what appeared to be a brief period during which they played in the same orchestra, but hopefully she’ll work through it without causing Seo Ri pain.

DeShonda: I love the fact that Seo Ri is getting her music skills back. I was hoping that she would play the violin again. It’s a good thing that she has her former music teacher for support. I know that she may not be confident yet, but I am sure she will come around. It was good to see the flashbacks about Seo Ri and Tae Rin were understandable. By watching, I learned a bit more about the jealousy Tae Rin has.

Cici: I knew Tae Rin was jealous of Seo Ri, but I had no idea how deep it ran till they showed the scene from the past where she came this close to smashing her violin. She really did have a traumatic childhood, didn’t she? But like you said, maybe she can finally get past that and the two can work well together. On another note, I was really hoping that Chan could get over his infatuation and go back to thinking of Seo Ri as a friend, but the incidents of this episode seem to have delayed that again. We came so close to connecting with Seo Ri’s aunt, too. I guess it’s not so surprising that she didn’t recognize her aunt’s voice from a few words spoken over the phone, but I was disappointed all the same.

DeShonda: Oh our poor Chan! Looks like he will fall for Seo Ri even harder than before. I hate to see Chan heartbroken again. I was hoping that we would get Seo Ri to connect with her aunt in this episode. But I guess we have to wait a bit longer before that happens.

Kate: The writers on this show really like to do near misses a lot. It may take another one or two before Seo Ri and her aunt (and cousin?) finally connect. I wouldn’t even be surprised if she met the cousin didn’t know who he was in that context for a little while. Something like Chan introducing him to her and the aunt catching up as soon as Seo Ri had to leave for rehearsal or work. Those near misses as a device can be a nice way to build suspense, but we’re definitely verging on overuse at this point. Poor Chan and his crush. He really cannot accept the idea that Woo Jin likes Seo Ri. He is definitely living in denial. I was a little worried that his getting sick would be connected to that, but was glad to see it was somewhat minor, and connected to an actual illness rather than a result of his unfulfilled crush. Hopefully when Seo Ri and Woo Jin are finally, truly together he will be able to move on quickly after seeing how happy they make each other rather than continuing to try and explain it away, or suffering too much.

Cici: I actually love the way Seo Ri is supportive of Chan and his accomplishments. Of course, I view her actions as those of a loving aunt, rather than a girlfriend. I just wish that it wasn’t leading Chan on and giving him false hope. He seems to be the only one in the house who is not seeing how quickly Seo Ri is maturing to her true age.

DeShonda: You took the words right out of my mouth Cici. That is the one thing that I love about Seo Ri and Chan is that they are very supportive of each other and what they are accomplishing. I am just worried about Chan and how brokenhearted he will feel when he finds out that Woo Jin likes Seo Ri.

Cici: Speaking of which, isn’t she just about mature enough to have a kissing scene with Woo Jin? It’s obvious that he’s attracted to her in that way, but he’s still holding back. How much longer will we have to wait???

Kate: I’ll give the kissing a pass until next week. I know I said it was time next week LAST week, but I thought there would be a two episode week this week, so as long as it happens next week I think the timing will still be good. Who knows, though. Woo Jin appeared to be pretty traumatized at the end of this episode. It may be time for him to lose his progress or step back for a while. Though he seems closer than ever to figuring out that she was actually his high school crush, the PTSD flare-up will probably delay his discovery for at least another episode. He and Jennifer are also due for another one of their cryptic but reassuring conversations in the backyard. They both could surely use it.

DeShonda: I am so waiting for Seo Ri and Woo Jin to kiss! I was on the edge of my seat when it almost happened just to be interrupted by something once again. Hopefully we will get our kiss next week. It’s all about timing.

Cici: I think he has actually remembered Seo Ri’s real identity, at least it seems that way from the flashback. What effect that will have on him is hard to say, but Jennifer does seem to have a knack for saying exactly the right thing at the right time, in the most economical way possible. It’s time to get over the past, be thankful for the present, and move on!

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