!Welcome back! Our plot is finally making some progress this week as we get more information about Jennifer, Seo Ri reconnects with an old violin teacher, Woo Jin has reached full blossom, and we have some shocking information about some of what Seo Ri’s family is up to. For just one episode, it was a busy week! Join DeShonda, Cindy, and me, Kate, as we discuss this week’s episode of Thirty But Seventeen.

Kate: There were certainly some interesting developments and tantalizing hints this week. Which ones were your favorites ladies? Were you as disappointed as I was that we only got one episode this week?

Cici: I was so disappointed that it ended where it did! Oh, the suspense! Those almost kisses are killing me! But at least we did get some progress with several other characters.

DeShonda: I wanted another episode so badly. That cliffhanger that this episode left me with made me want more. There were multiple of times that Woo Jin and Seo Ri almost kissed and I am so ready for it to happen. But the timing and place has to be right, The end of this episode would be the perfect time and place. But I do love how Woo Jin is becoming even more open.

Kate: It was a nice touch to see how his sister noticed how much he had changed, bringing in a character that hadn’t been seeing his slower transformation allowed the episode to call more attention to it. Her concern about him was based in the experience that she has long had of him being closed off. Instead he was acting much like her memories of him at seventeen again, open and smiling and talkative. Their interaction had not one but two metaphors for the change in him, too. First she noticed the plant that had revived and wondered how it had recovered, and then Woo Jin showed her that his room had a window and opened it to show her the view. He is open and thriving and it’s all down to Seo Ri. Okay, maybe 5-10% can be attributed to Chan.

Cici: Oh, Chan. My heart broke a little for him with this episode. He is putting two and two together when it comes to Seo Ri and Woo Jin, and realizing that they have developed the bond that he had hoped to achieve. I’m not too worried about him, since he cares so much for both Seo Ri and Woo Jin and will eventually be glad for their happiness, but right now it has to hurt.

DeShonda: One of my favorite scenes was when Woo Jin was with his sister. I agree with you Kate, she did notice the wonderful change in Woo Jin. I loved their conversation in the car when he told her all about Seo Ri and why she is living there. Oh Chan broke my heart as well. Our poor Chan is falling hard for Seo Ri. I felt very sad watching him as he watched Woo Jin and Seo Ri getting closer. But I think he will be OK, however I am worried about him in the next episode.

Cici: I was a little surprised that he insisted on lying to his sister about Seo Ri, and even more surprised that she and Woo Jin agreed to the deception. I was so happy when both Woo Jin and Seo Ri made the effort to clear up the misconception with her. That seemed much more in character for them, and I think if anything, it raised her opinion of Seo Ri even more.

Kate: I think we’ve seen that Chan is a great guy with a big heart, so I am not sure that his willingness to lie says much about his character. I think what it does is give us an example of Seo Ri and Woo Jin’s greater maturity. Both of them found it not just guilt but a necessity to tell the truth in order to restore or begin an honest relationship. I think that is another example of how Seo Ri has been adjusting to her adulthood. Kind of like that sweet conversation she had with CEO Kang while they were away at the music festival. CEO Kang let her in on that secret that most of us have--that adults don’t usually feel all that much like we’re grown up. Now Seo Ri knows that too. I think it would have been a little weird or uncomfortable for Seo Ri and Woo Jin’s relationship to progress romantically while still felt so sure of being a teenager, but she’s had so many growing up experiences and matured more into her role as adult that now I think the timing is right. So kisses next week, right?

DeShonda: I sure hope so Kate. They are ready, and I am so here for it! You mentioned the conversation that Seo Ri had with CEO Kang, and I agree with you what you said about their conversation. It was very enlightening to watch them talk. Speaking of being grown up, I must admit, I was a little more than excited when Seo Ri’s old music teacher noticed her. I loved that he remembered her from when she was in school and even showed her a picture of her class. I was hoping that by seeing that picture and talking to her old music teacher that her memory would come back somewhat. I hope that Seo Ri and her music teacher connect again. Now Seo Ri’s rival is getting more and more irritated as she thinks that Seo Ri is going to steal her shine. I am wondering how this is going to turn out.

Cici: It is ironic that Tae Rin is still stuck in her adolescent jealousy, while Seo Ri is moving on. It’s also a shame that she considers Seo Ri a threat, when she never has been. But what I’m really curious about is Jennifer and her relationship with Yellow Shoes. I really hope that becomes clearer next episode.

Kate: It seemed like Jennifer was gone for some sort of death rememberance near the end, but her relationship with Yellow Shoes seemed even less clear than before. They’d obviously lost touch, but Yellow Shoes knew enough to track her down and follow her around for a few episodes. It was good to see how much the watermelon party cheered Jennifer up, and even funnier to see Woo Jin with seeds on his face and grin and bear it when a month before he would have yelled and stormed off and shut the door to his room and refused to speak to anyone for days. And hooray, they’re not selling the house! I understand it was something big and would make sense to ask his father in person, but he could have left the family a note. You don’t just disappear in the middle of the night without telling anyone when you live in a family.

DeShonda: Jennifer’s relationship with Miss Yellow Shoes is still very a mystery to me. I admit I am glad that the writers are keeping me guessing about who she is and what is her connection to Jennifer. For some reason, I think she may be a long lost daughter, but I could be wrong. Hopefully we will find out some more clues in the next episodes. I loved the watermelon party scene! It was so cute to watch Jennifer, Woo Jin, Seo Ri Chan and the others interact just like family. I love scenes like that when they are all together. It really makes me happy, just like Jennifer was happy when she snapped the picture of them with seeds all over their faces.

Kate: Okay, it’s been so long that we have gotten confirmed information about Seo Ri’s aunt and uncle, but am I seeing things? Was the mother of the little boy Chan saved from drowning Seo Ri’s aunt?

Cici: Oooo, could that incident have something to do with Aunt and Uncle selling the house so quickly to Chan’s family? So many questions that need answers! I can’t wait for the next episode!

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