Just as Seo Ri and Woo Jin start to become comfortable with each other, he suffers another episode of debilitating guilt triggered by a scene that evokes painful memories. Although his first reaction is to avoid Seo Ri all together, he is counseled to do just the opposite. Join Deshonda, Kate, and me, Cici, as we discuss the latest events and probable outcomes in this week’s episodes of Thirty But Seventeen.

Cici: I am so pleased that this drama is blending the difficult reality of a tragic accident with some humor. Shin Hye Sun is really showing her comedic acting chops. The touches of comedy blend perfectly with Seo Ri’s seventeen-year-old character. Whether she is teasing Jennifer or naively believing a fallen Drinking Water sign, she is totally believable.

Kate: From what we saw week one, she was a bit of a head in the clouds seventeen year-old to start with, so it isn’t a stretch that these mishaps would continue to happen in her new life after the coma. Remember, she was wearing her friend’s shirt, which is why Woo Jin largely doesn’t suspect Seo Ri is the girl he crushed on way back when. And then the mismatched shoes we saw this week, among other things. Still, her diligence that she was showing this week fits with her characterization, too. That she was such a prodigy in violin, though, also show her dedication and work ethic. It’s completely believable that she’d take notes on everything to do well at her job, or peel onions to get her instrument fixed. You’re right, Cici, Seo Ri is a perfect and believable blend.

DeShonda: I really hope that when it’s time for the Drama Awards that not only this series but Shin Hye Sun gets nominated for her performance. She is doing an excellent job in her role as Seo Ri. She is indeed very believable. And that water fountain scene is one of my favorites this week.

Cici: I keep waiting for Woo Jin to pick up on the clues that she is the girl he feels responsible for killing. She shared her coma story with Chan, but he knows nothing of how she spent the last thirteen years. He looked so confused when she said, “That’s right, I’m thirty,” as if she had a hard time remembering that. No wonder he thinks she’s a bit odd. Do you think she’ll finally tell him, or will Chan spill the beans?

Kate: I would say we’re due for a revelation this coming week, but with it looking like we’re getting twenty episodes instead of sixteen, that rhythm may be a little off and it may be another week before Woo Jin has a major revelation. I do think, though, Chan will either figure out the greater significance of Seo Ri’s coma or Seo Ri will connect with someone from her past in a way that she is aware of soon. Yellow shoes is still lurking in the background, she unknowingly met with a fellow violinist from her past, and she even cleaned the Doctor’s apartment this week. Since it was Jenniffer that sent her there, it’s made me even more curious about Jennifer's role in all of this.

DeShonda: I think that our Chan will probably spill the beans even though I would want Seo Ri to tell Woo Jin herself. I am very happy that we are getting twenty episodes of this series. I am willing to wait another week to see what will happen. And I am still wondering who is this lady with the yellow shoes is. She is sneaking around the house and leering at the comings and goings of Seo Ri. The Lady In Yellow must have some connection to the house and Seo Ri. I am wondering what’s going to happen now that Seo Ri’s rival knows she is still alive. This is going to be interesting. I love Jennifer so much! As I mentioned before she is one of my favorite characters. I still believe that Jennifer knows much more that she is letting on. I wondered why she would send Seo Ri to clean the doctor's office if she was not aware of some connection.

Cici: I really love Jennifer. She’s practically robotic in her responses, but she always manages to say and do the right thing. When Seo Ri mimicked her, only to be told not to tease adults, I had to laugh out loud. And her moonlight chat with Woo Jin was profound.

Cici: I do wonder what her past was like. The ballerina music box seems significant--was she a professional dancer? Is that how she knew Seo Ri?

DeShonda: Oh I loved the little talk that Jennifer and Woo Jin had. You are right Cici, it was profound indeed.

Kate: Jennifer throws out so many quotes, general knowledge trivia, and has a large variety of skills to call on so it’s not jarring that she could estimate the worth of Seo Ri’s violin, but it may prove to be telling that that is part of her knowledge base. Her athleticism could point towards dance, if she was from the fine arts community. Oh oh oh! One of my happiest developments this week was that Seo Ri finally got a wardrobe. It was getting old to see her in that hospital loungewear and pink shirt. The way she came in to the clothes seemed a tad contrived. Sure, Chan’s kinda girlfriend hates seeing her borrow his clothes so much that she donates a wardrobe of clothes she doesn’t want any more that fit Seo Ri pretty well. That’s happened to someone you know before right? Still, goodbye hospital outfit!

Cici: I believe that Chan’s girlfriend actually stole her sister’s entire wardrobe to donate to Seo Ri, because she doesn’t strike me as all that self-sacrificing, lol. But the person most upset about Seo Ri staying in that house has got to be Woo Jin. He is clearly attracted to her, yet seeing her do the same things her younger self did takes him right back to that painful time. He’s torn between avoiding her completely and following the doctor’s advice, trying to see her as a different person. What will happen when he realizes that she’s not?

DeShonda: I was happy that Seo Ri got some new clothes too. It made her feel more confident. Now how the “girlfriend” got the new clothes was interesting. But I am suspicious of Chan’s “girlfriend” though. She seems to like Chan but she also likes Woo Jin. She is an odd character indeed but it was a nice gesture to give our Seo Ri a new wardrobe. I agree with you Cici, Woo Jin is indeed very attracted to Seo Ri. It was great to see him smile when he was around her not once, but twice. The both of them interacting was so great to watch.

Cici: Absolutely! I appreciate how much he is changing because of Seo Ri. He’s even okay with keeping the plant at the foot of the stairs, lol.

DeShonda: I was in tears, though, when Woo Jin was speaking to his therapist. He is indeed torn on what to do and to watch him struggle with this is so heartbreaking to watch.

Cici: It really is heartbreaking to see how those memories torment him still. He just can’t get over his sense of responsibility.

Kate: You’d think learning truly that it was not his fault and that she did not die would be able to provide some healing, but with how long he’s dealt with this pain and how stubborn he can be too, it may take some time to process it all. Woo Jin really did kind of take one step forward and two steps back this week. He started opening up more. He and Seo Ri really began to connect--particularly over her ill-fated decision to throw herself into drinking fountain water--but as soon as he was reminded of the girl who he thought of as Seo Mi, he shut right back down again. I would bet we’re going to see more of this progress followed by backslide motion a few more times. I just hope that Chan’s growing crush on Seo Ri doesn’t end up playing too much a role in all of this. Both of them need his empathy and sunny nature to keep them going while they struggle. It looks like Chan is just starting to realize he’s got it bad, though, and that may make things uncomfortable next week at the very least.

DeShonda: I was thinking the exact same thing Kate. I have noticed that Chan is starting to like Seo Ri quite a bit. In a way he thinks she is the same age as he is. I really like how he is so very caring and protecting of her. He is a very nice young man with a very kind heart. And speaking of Chan, I am so very worried about my other favorite character. I noticed that recently everytime he is on the water with his rowing team, he gets chest pains. I wonder what is going on with him. Hopefully it's not too serious because I need to see more of his kindness to Seo Ri and Woo Jin.

Cici: Chan is such a cutie, and while he realizes that the difference between seventeen and thirty is a big one, he also sees Seo Ri as her younger self. I don’t want him to get a broken heart over this! But hopefully he will see how good Seo Ri is for his cherished uncle, and be willing to let his crush go. She is one of the few people who really see Woo Jin for who he is. Her defense of him is both hilarious and touching.

Kate: To be fair to Chan, Seo Ri really is more seventeen than thirty at this point in the series. It makes sense that they would feel like peers. But as she adjusts her frame of mind, and experiences life--like her first real job and her first real after work drinks (which turned into her first real getting super drunk) she’s going to move more and more into the thirty zone. I do hope that if there is a triangle that it will be Doctor Kim and Woo Jin at the other end, and Chan will have long since sensibly decided that he and Seo Ri are much better as friends. I guess it’s time for him to have one of those first growing up experiences, too. I just hope they don’t draw out both Yellow Shoes and Doctor Kim for too long. I’d like for Seo Ri to at least get one important piece to the puzzle of what happened while she was sleeping next week. My vote is for her to connect with Doctor Kim. I think it would be comforting for her to catch up with someone from her old life.

Cici: I agree. And while he definitely had a crush on her in high school, he is currently one of the few people who know about her involvement in the accident, and that she was not the girl who died. Will he be the one to enlighten Woo Jin? Or will he keep it a secret so that he can get her away from him? Even though Woo Jin has come to realize that the best and worst times have been with Seo Ri, there are still plenty of obstacles to overcome before there can be a happily ever after!

What do you think? Are you enjoying the humorous moments as much as the touching ones? What are your predictions for the coming episodes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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