In case you missed it, a 16-year-old sensation is taking women's snowboarding by storm, dominating the competition and becoming the youngest-ever athlete to win two gold medals at the X Games. She's totally awesome, keeps breaking records, and her name is Chloe — and she's Korean-American.

With the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics only a year away, every world-ranked female snowboarder in the world is competing and training so that they can win a silver medal. Even though all Olympians dream of winning gold, sometimes a certain sport is so dominated by one superstar athlete that the rest of the field literally has no chance. This is the case for women's snowboarding, with one snowboarder who sits on top of the entire competition. The champ has been the best in the world for a while now, and she's only getting better. Her name is Chloe Kim, a Korean-American girl from Long Beach, California.

Raised in sunny California, Chloe somehow fell in love with snowboarding at a very young age. By 8, she was training on halfpipes in Europe, and won her first X Games medal, a silver, when she was only 13 years old. Since then, she's become the princess of the snowboarding world, winning competitions all over the world. She has now won eight golds in a row, while becoming the first female snowboarder to land back-to-back 1080s and earning a perfect 100 at the past U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix. She is on a historic run, which will no doubt continue at the 2017 Winter X Games to be held later this week in Aspen, Colorado. At only 16, Chloe's only looking to get better. Already ranked #1 in the world, her competitors are going to have to step up their game if they want to get even close.

So be on the lookout for Chloe Kim. You'll definitely be seeing and hearing more about her in the years to come. 

Happiest when she's shredding

That's Chloe up there

Chloe Kim