There are many videos on YouTube by parents who have recorded their kids dancing and fumbling to the latest hits, but in Hong Kong there is one little girl who has already done what many have failed to accomplish in their entire lifetime.

Pearl Chan Pui-yee began dancing at the ripe age of 3 and soon she began absorbing information like a sponge. By the age of 4, she achieved the incredible feat of being the youngest person in Hong Kong to pass 11 international dance exams in one day. A year later, she became the youngest person to earn a gold, a silver, and a bronze medal from the Britain-based International Dance Teachers Association.

It does not stop there. She has also won awards in singing, piano, harp, and golf. Currently, she is learning violin. All the instruments and classes begin to add up in cost. Each month, her parents spend about $4,600 to pay for her schooling and tutoring.

“We have to deal with huge economic pressure for her to learn so many things,” says Pearl’s mother, Selina Lam Sai-yan. “She likes playing instruments more than playing with toys. We can’t ban her from learning if she has talent, can we?”

When Pearl turns 6, she plans on taking an exam to become a qualified assistant dance teacher. That should hopefully help her parents pay for her upkeep.

Who knows, someday she may have a one-woman show where she plays the piano, violin, harp, golf, and dances all at the same time. It will probably happen when she turns 6 and a half.