There are a myriad of fitness videos from this celebrity or that celebrity, but who ever said getting back to the basics isn’t the way to go, especially when you're in your 80's? Just take a look at the incredible fitness routine of this 80-year-old Chinese woman and see for yourself whether or not she's in better shape than you.

Li Guochuan moved to Fuzhou with her son three years ago and has been exercising at the local basketball court every day. She has been known to challenge younger people to pick up badminton games. “Each afternoon, I don't finish playing basketball until I've made it into the basket 72 times. I love sports. And since three years ago, I started to do push-ups and play basketball. Initially I could only do five or ten push-ups each time, but now I can do 150 push-ups,” says Li.

Oh, but that's not all. She does 150 push-ups in the morning, 150 sit-ups in the evening, and is working on her pull-ups. The online community has dubbed her “basketball granny.” I call her amazing.