Although ‘ Goblin: The Lonely and Great God’ is now over...there’s no reason we can't have more fun with it! One cleaver Korean fast-food franchise has taken tie in merchandising to a whole new level with their hilarious ‘Goblin’ parody advertisement. What makes this commercial all the more amazing was their attention to detail and faithful reproduction (down to the soundtrack!) of the original scene. Regardless of whether you want to buy what they are selling...this awesome ad is bound to make your day! Make sure you don't miss it!

For its recent advertisement, for 19 cm long chicken sticks no less, Korean fast-food chain Lotteria aired this ‘Goblin’ parody mimicking the sword reveal from episode 3! Check out the must watch clip below and compare it to the original!

Check out the actual scene below to compare, starts at 1:37!  

Uncanny right?!

What did you think about Lotteria's parody commercial? Do you want to eat some chicken sticks? Let us know your thoughts below!