Japan is a land of idols. There are more different types of idols in Japan than anywhere in the world. But this idol is like no other. Meet Kabutoshi Yukari, Japan's first ever mushidol!

'Mushi', in Japanese, means insect. So mushidol Kabutomushi Yukari is literally an insect idol. Her name, Kabutomuchi, is the Japanese name for beetle, or more specifically, Japanese rhinoceros beetle. So her name could be Yukari Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle. Yukari is a 25 year old insect loving girl from Tokyo. This is no gimmick. She loves insects. Her mom was a gardener when she was a kid, so she got exposed to bugs and insects from a very young age. She once owned over 300 beetles. She finds inspiration in the fact that beetles just live honestly and bravely. She says, "The beetle is my prince."

She got recruited when a scout for a major talent agency came across her blog, titled, "Insects, Dress Shirts and Me." And because of the exposure she got from being a gravure idol (swimsuit model) and from her bit parts in television dramas, offers came pouring in for her to do what she was best at, which was to teach about breeding and raising bugs and insects. But now her popularity as a mushidol is gaining steam. She is a regular on a popular network television variety show and is on her way to gaining national attention.

"You know when a girl gets married and she takes the name of the family she marries into?" she asked. "Well I long ago married into the Kabutoshi family, so that's basically my real name."

Beetlemania Japanese style:

They love her too.

Forget the beetles for a second.