These photos show a resort-like place in Taiwan that looks like a Mediterranean villa complete with a beautiful Japanese botanical garden--but looks can be deceiving. Check out the tall walls behind the garden.

The place where these photos are taken has a very official name: Kaohsiung Second Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice. That's right! It's a prison in Taiwan. It just might be one of the most beautiful prisons in the world.

This prison is reportedly the only prison of its kind in Taiwan. It is a very progressive prison with many vocational programs to help the inmates learn skills for new jobs when they finish their terms. Building the botanical garden is one of the projects that the prisoners worked on. It also has a counseling program to help the prisoners and rehabilitative lessons such as classical literature and Chinese calligraphy. Regular programs in religious counseling are also included. The inmates also use the skills they learn to make products such as batik-dyed scarves and nougat candies to sell.

This prison is so advanced that it has a friendly, service-oriented website to help visitors make appointments. The website lists all the services it provides to inmates and visitors. It also has links to several employment information websites. But don't forget, this is a prison after all. According to the website, it has over two thousand prisoners who are mostly men and they are separated by gender, age, and types of offense. The website reminds us that the prison's management principle is in adopting a humanistic management to induce the prisoners to repent and reform.