A local amusement park in Okayama Prefecture, Japan has a ride that doesn't look intimidating at first...until you ride it.

Brazilian Park Washuzan Highland is a local amusement park, not particularly known outside Okayama, but famous amongst locals as having one of the scariest rides in all of Japan. The ride, called "Skycycle," is simple. It's basically a bicycle ride for two on top of some tracks way above the ground, and you pedal your way through the sky. Sounds like a pleasant ride, until you actually do it and get to the middle of the course.

If you look straight below, you will see you feet dangling over nothing. The only thing you have beneath you are the tracks and the ground far below. And once you reach the scariest part of the ride, your only choice is to keep on going and get to the very end. As seen in the photos, the Skycycle is definitely not for those afraid of heights. The ride is old and pretty rusty, adding to the thrill. And if it's windy? Forget it.

Still no word yet on what this ride has to do with Brazil.

Starts off pleasant enough.

Getting kind of scary...

The wind!!!

Virtual ride: